1. Against which team did David Gower hit his maiden Test century for England?
2. Was Australia's Sheffield Shield competition started in 1882, 1892 or 1902?
3. Which two brothers opened the batting for England in the 1880 Test against Australia?
4. What was Australia's winning margin in the 1975/76 series against the West Indies?
5. Who captained England on the 1972/73 tour of India and Pakistan?
6. In which series did New Zealand score her first Test win over England?
7. What is the Australian term for 'extras'?
8. What was special about England's series win in India in 1976/77?
9. In which year did Pakistan win her first Test in Australia—in 1975,1976 or 1977?
10. Colin McDonald and Jim Burke opened the batting for which country?
11. How many runs did Sir Donald Bradman need in his last innings to finish with a Test average of 100?
12. How many dismissals did Australia's Wally Grout make in his Test career?
13. What is the highest Test stand by England against Australia and who made it?
14. Which West Indian made 200 and 114 not out against New Zealand on his Testdebutinia?l?
15. In which Test did the scores run like this: Australia 63 and 122? England 101 and 77?
16. What is a 'plumb' wicket?
17. Who took the first M.C.C. team to Australia?
18. Against which country did Glenn Turner make his Test debut for New Zealand?
19. Who is Australia's leading Test wicketkeeper?
20. Who had the Christian names John Berry?
21. For which West Indian island did Wes Hall play?
22. Which cricketer was christened to give him the initials of a famous club?
23. Is Barry Richards a right- or left-hand bat?
24. What is a 'king-pair'?
25. Who captained the 1970 South Africans against Australia?
26. When and against whom did Ken Barrington score his first Test century in England?
27. Who holds the record for most Test wickets by a spinner in an England-Australian rubber?
28. What and when was England's lowest Test total against the West Indies?
29. Who bequeathed the Ashes to the M.C.C.?
30. Who is the only player to have scored a century in each innings of a Test match TWICE in the same series?
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