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The Advanced Power Generation Technology Forum (APGTF) is an industry-led stakeholder group that is not associated with any single interest or source of funding. It provides a consistent, long-term, proactive technology focus for the power generation sector in the UK on the research, development and demonstration activities for fossil fuels, with the main focus on carbon abatement technologies (CATs) including carbon capture and storage (CCS). However, it also provides a focus for associated technologies including: large-scale fossil generation >1MW; heat, including waste heat utilisation; CHP; biomass; hydrogen production from fossil fuels; and environmental control technology.
The objectives of the APGTF are to provide the strategic focus in the UK on near-to-zero and zero emission technologies from fossil fuel, biomass and associated technologies so as to ensure that
  • Strategies are developed and implemented within the UK and globally that support the UK's climate change goal of reducing CO2 emissions both within the UK and abroad
  • The UK has secure, clean, affordable energy as we become increasingly dependent on imported fuels
  • UK industry has the technologies to allow it to take advantage of the UK and global market opportunities that will arise in the power generation sector
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing are promoted in the power generation and energy supply sector
  • There is a significant contribution to UK wealth creation

APGTF selected as delivery body for New Knowledge Transfer Network:

A new Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has been established by the Technology Strategy Board to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing in the Energy Generation and Supply sector. The KTN will aim to make the Energy Generation and Supply arena easier to navigate and will be designed as a ‘one stop shop’ for all working within a sector where grant funding and knowledge sharing opportunities are provided by a range of different organisations.

There are four priority areas initially being covered by the KTN:- CATs, Fuel Cells, Oil & Gas and Renewables (wind and marine). The APGTF has been selected as the delivery body for CATs. This is a major achievement for the APGTF and will play a significant role in helping develop our links with the wider CAT community both in the UK and overseas, other business sectors and networks and will also highlight funding opportunities for our members.
The Energy Generation & Supply KTN was formally launched at the Technology Strategy Board’s “Innovate 09” event at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London on 13th October 2009.

For more information on the KTN visit this link.

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