Presentation Trends: 5 tech presentation trends you won’t want to miss in 2012 to improve your presentation skills

Presentation trends!

The art of creating and delivering presentations and even the act of public speaking has changed dramatically over the last two decades, thanks to the advent of tricked out new gadgets and nifty software programmes that have jazzed up those boring old speeches (and most of all thanks to more knowledge freely available online ).
The whole process of creating presentations has actually become a lot more fun and less sleep inducing as a result!
In fact, the process is becoming progressively more digital as the months go by and some of the emerging  presentation trends that are set to dominate 2012 show that presentations will be more flashy, entertaining and edutaining than ever before.
Let’s see 5 trends for this year

1) iPresenting

I believe that the iPresenting is one of the next big thing – iPods and iPads are already being used by many speakers and they are some of the fastest selling gizmos in the world (nb: not only Apple but especially Android devices are going to dominate the market).
However advances in the technology now mean that speakers will be able to integrate their talking with their devices – a new presentation trend that we should all be embracing. It is estimated that 91% of all Americans have a mobile phone and that by 2014, the global preferred means of accessing the internet will be on a smartphone, so it makes sense that this will have a huge impact on the way things are going to be presented going forward.
So one new trend to look out for will be the utilisation of tablets and smartphones instead of those pesky pointers that never seem to work.
For example, the ipad Touch can already be used as a virtual mouse to change slides. This means that the tech-savvy speaker won’t have to break their train of thought and speech to look behind them to check that the slide has actually changed to the next one. Smartphone peripherals are also expected to integrate wirelessly with any number of devices over the next few years, so we can expect to see dramatic changes in presenting equipment.

2) Instant feedback for your presentations

Linked to this will be more and more audience participation through smartphones and tablets – a presentation trend that will make our presentations truly interactive.
Speakers would be able to get instant feedback from the audience to questions, something that is already being advanced through what are known as Twitterfalls or Twitterwalls.
This is live tweeting integration where the audience interacts with the speaker, generating real time dialogue which is then instantly projected onto a screen.

3) Slides > animations

Presentations will just be ‘more’, not only in terms of value and content but also in terms of sheer showmanship.
The static and text heavy slides that have been commonplace in the past will be replaced by dynamic, animated and motion driven graphics.
This will ultimately make presentations that much more interesting and user friendly.

4) Pinterest

Pinterest is a huge trend for the next year. For those of who don’t know, this is a social media platform that acts as a huge pinboard for pictures and other images that members want to share.
Pictures can be repinned and opinions and comments posted on those images of people that you are connected to. These images are going to be everywhere soon, so I recommend that you start pinning and embracing new web platforms like this (even if you don’t think the site could help you with presentations)

5) Kinect presentations

Stepping into the world of special effects, I expect Kinect to soon be integrated with presentations, controlling the lights, audio and video.
Kinect is a motion sensing input device that was developed by Microsoft for use with the Xbox. It is similar to a webcam but it is used to control devices using gestures and spoken commands. As you can imagine, the presentation trends and implications are unbelievable.

Presentation trends are continuously changing

The world around us is a-changing and the skills and equipment that are used to craft presentations are changing too.
If you also want to read more about tech tools that you can include in your presentations read presentation ideas, 7 tech tools to create better presentations in 2012.


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